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Over the summer, the Trend girls and I went to a local event called “Evening Under the Stars.” I had so much fun picking out the perfect outfit and accessories and had even more fun at the event itself. When we first arrived, we all wanted pictures together in our darling black and white outfits while we still looked nice and put together (aka before the real fun began). I put on my I’m so over this place and so sexy face as per usual. We all huddled around our cameras and started looking at the best pictures to post on our social media accounts and I hated all of them. Megan said to me “Why don’t you smile?!” I told her that I wanted to look sexy, and of course the ever so blunt Megan replied, “So you don’t think smiling is sexy?” I immediately retorted with something along the lines of “I look too cheesy when I smile!”

That one little line “so you don’t think smiling is sexy?” stuck with me. For weeks to come, I really pondered that. Do I think that smiling is some how not sexy? Why do I choose to not smile with teeth anymore? What do I hate so much about my own smile?  I feel like this really strikes a cord with so many women, young and old. I have women in my life who never seem to stop smiling and others that immediately close their mouth for pictures. Some say it’s because they don’t like their teeth, others because they don’t want wrinkles, and some, like myself, somehow feel more attractive in a picture with no teeth in sight. We are living in an era where this problem is worse than ever. I remember the first time I thought about not giving a toothy grin for the camera and her name was Victoria Beckham. She was HOT TO TROT and NEVER smiled for the camera. Somehow I believed that her not smiling made her more appealing. Maybe mysterious? So I started smiling less and less genuine smiles and did a lot more pouty serious faces.

Pick up a magazine or browse through famous celeb or blogger’s Instagram accounts. They are all looking perfectly sexy and miserable. Now go browse through a young girl you know Facebook page. What do you see? When I think of my child hood I think specifically of a photo booth picture of my best friend and I with our pre-braces smiles having the time of our lives. I look through my phone and I see selfies Lola has taken looking like she’s trying to be cool, kind of like my selfies. Although its fun and innocent to strike a serious pose sometimes it shouldn’t take away from showing our happiness in a picture, and definitely not in our children’s pictures.

What I have learned through all of this is that smiling is so freeing. Not caring how cheesy or happy you look but wearing it proudly is empowering. I recently went out with some friends and was so happy and excited and I let that show through in the pictures, I didn’t get hung up on looking pouty and sexy I just lived in the moment and let my happiness show through. My daughter and I went Christmas shopping and a lady offered to take our picture and I smiled brightly because on that day I was truly happy and soaking in the fun of being with my daughter. Now when I look back on that picture that’s exactly what I will see.

Smiling is not silly or cheesy, smiling is what ever the heck you want it to be. Whether you are at a birthday party with your friends or out shopping with your grandma, let that show! Don’t allow celebrities, or bloggers like myself make you think you have to hide that! Be yourself, strike a pose from time to time but don’t let that interfere with portraying the fun or happiness you are feeling. You don’t want to look back on pictures when you are old and remember how hard you were trying, you want to look back and feel the emotion you were feeling. Girls, have fun with your friends and be silly! Stop worrying about how many likes you will get on Instagram or Facebook. It may seem like such a small thing — but it really can mean so much.

The holidays are upon us and there are a lot of reasons to smile. I bet more than there are to look “perfect” and “sexy”. So let it show ladies!

Love, Victoria.

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