While she may be living + running her business in Colorado, Jewels is a native Western New Yorker. Her all natural product line and inspiration to begin her company is true #bossbabe inspo!

I grew up in a small town. No, like a REALLY small town. 18 in my graduating class! My parents had a farm with lots of acreage and we helped with every aspect of the farming. Cutting wood, planting fields, harvesting crops, producing maple syrup, gardening, and raising livestock. You name it, we did it. You see, instead of having boys, my dad was lucky enough to have three girls. He never treated us differently and always expected us to do whatever boys would! It taught me a lot about knowing what I’m personally capable of and gave me a strong work ethic. I’m not sure “NO” was ever in my vocabulary!

In my 20’s I was unsure about what I wanted to really do with my life and I traveled and worked, a bunch! I went from DC, through the south and landed in Colorado in my late 20s. Colorado was the most fascinating place I’d ever been. I’d never seen mountains like that or experienced the extreme dry climate that Colorado is known for. After a few years, I met a boy and we ended up moving to Kwajalein Atoll. An island in the South Pacific that’s as spectacular as it sounds! Crystal blue and turquoise waters, beach and natives that are some of the sweetest people I’ve ever met! Kwajalein challenged me in many ways and helped shape the woman I’ve become. It was tough. Really tough. That’s a whole different story that I could spend years telling!

I won’t keep you much longer, but after three years it was time for the next chapter. I ended up moving to Brooklyn to attend Pratt Institute for visual communications. It was the first time I was feeling like there was some direction in my life. I longed to do creative work and this was my first step toward that. After graduating a friend invited me to move back to Colorado and help him brand his coffee roasting company. I spend six years helping him build the business. After a falling out, I knew it was time for me to launch my own branding agency.

I spent years building a design agency and developing relationships in the community, but I still wasn’t feeling quite fulfilled. I missed working with my hands and being creative. It seems crazy but owning that type of business is more managing people and clients and less creative work, which didn’t fulfill me. At the time, my mother had a health care scare! She was so young, but was possibly facing an Alzheimer’s diagnosis. All the symptoms were there. Memory loss, brain fog, confusion… it wasn’t looking good. After some research we discovered it wasn’t Alzheimer’s but an over exposure to aluminum chloride. Something most doctors don’t even consider. I was relieved, but worried. What was causing this?

After much research, I learned two things:

1. The FDA does NOT regulate cosmetics. (terrifying)
2. There are an unbelievable amount of toxic, carcinogenic and harmful chemicals that we use in our daily routines that cause cancer, organ toxicity, cognitive disorders, dermatitis and so many more medical conditions. (including aluminum chloride!)

These two bits of knowledge changed everything for me. I read a book called the GREEN BEAUTY GUIDE and was inspired to start Simple Body Products. Green, clean, simple beauty products, that work! It’s been a joyful 10 years of creating products that a safe, healthy and transformative for your skin! I’ve been fortunate enough to draw from years of hard work, experience and dedication and now have my focus in life. It takes some of us longer than others! I feel totally fulfilled in making these products, counseling customers on their skin issues and knowing that I’m helping create products that are safer for the earth too! 

Jewels Burdick

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