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I feel that lately, we have been saying we’re back a lot. We started blogging full time, then the store moved, and that took over. Then we came back full force and have fallen back again. I have always loved that people love to read our blogs, but I also feel REALLY bad when I let people down when we don’t produce anything.

I had to take a step back from quite a few things for a good reason. Family. My family needed me. So I stepped up to the plate. It really took a hit on everyone, including me. It’s hard watching the people you love, fall apart. It actually freaking sucks. A wise woman once said, “when life throws you a curve ball, I’m certain it’s to show you just how strong you really are.” Actually, I said it. Because it’s true.

This whole experience has taken my mind in a different direction and forced me to look at things differently. I’m not all that upset with the outcome. I am seeing life for what it is, and what’s important. Taking care of my family and friends is important. Taking care of my store is important. But, you know what was never that important to me? Taking care of myself.

I could put on a pretty outfit, do my hair and makeup, take a picture, post it and pretend that I’m super happy and have it totally together. But, life happens. And sometimes it happens hard. So I won’t lie.

I don’t have it totally together. I’m actually pretty all over the place.

I stalk other bloggers all the time. They’re always so damn happy and have it all together. What I wouldn’t give to actually hear one of them have a bad day and tell the world about it. That’s when I would finally realize that it’s okay to have a bad day/week/month/year. I’m not talking about the posed pictures in bed with your latte strategically placed next to your MacBook, your covers looking so pristine white with your adorable socks on from Anthropologie that you paid an ungodly amount of money for. I’m talking about the picture of your bed with a big wet spot on it from the baby’s spit up from the night before, your hair all a mess and bags under your eyes from no sleep, trying to get the kids off to school while pouring cheerios into your coffee mug for your daughters breakfast. Why doesn’t anyone ever post those pictures? Don’t get me wrong, I love the pictures with all the cool little props and the backdrops and all that jazz. I love attention to detail. But lately, as I scroll through Instagram, I have to wonder — how much time is it taking away from what’s really important? Are you really happy? Are you really taking that good care of yourself? What would Carrie Bradshaw do? Okay, that last one was for my best friend.

I’m going to start taking care of myself. Because I have seen what happens to a family when you don’t.

So, I’m going to continue posing my pictures, writing my blogs, putting on a pretty outfit for my posts and act like I totally have it together.

Because I’m going to have it together.





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  • Victoria Sollinger

    Bravo! I post a lot of pictures that I feel good in and it gives the impression of constant confidence when in reality I am body shaming myself all the time….. Its life….. real true life….. and sometimes its not your fabulous array of makeup or strategically placed latte…. its not fun at all…. I appreciate this post! Girl Power!

  • Liz

    I love this Megan!

  • Laurie Sagerman

    So proud of you Megan…..Life is merely, hopping, skipping, running, jumping, walking, leaping, and falling on our face~~~~All we ever really have to do is get up~! Enjoy and Happy Spring~! xox

  • Terri

    Chin up ! Nobody has it all together .. We just are kidding ourselves if we believe that ..
    My new favorite.. “Breathe..it’s just a bad day not a bad life”
    So many times I lose perspective..and have to regroup. Life is good .. In fact it’s great. So many opportunities and so many great people that pop up when you least expect it. Shiny spots all around us. There are just some bad/sad moments that in the end make us really appreciate the good ones. Trend additions is a bright shiny spot..lucky to have you!

  • Heather

    What you write is so true Megan! I always love your honesty, and how important to you your loved ones are. You always find away to make it all work and I’m positive that you always will.

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