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Have you missed us lately?  We’re sorry.  We will get back to our regularly scheduled program soon.

Heather and I want to run a little contest. Just in case you haven’t walked into a grocery store and been bombarded with heart-shaped boxes of candy, or turned on the television to see the screen plastered with ads for jewelry and everything that you should buy for your loved ones, Valentine’s Day is coming up.  We want to get back to what Valentine’s Day is really meant to be about – simply those we love and the things that make us happy.  We would love to hear what makes you happy and why!  Hey, what have you got to lose?  In fact, you could win a $50 gift card to Trend.

Email megan@trendaddictions.com with a little something about what makes you happy and why, and we will choose 2 winners of a $50 gift card, on Valentine’s Day!


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