what [heather] can’t live without


Megan told me we were going to share the things we can’t live without.  She needed me to bring these things in for pictures.  The first thought that ran through my mind, was “how in the world am I going to get Stella and Abby to the store and coax them to cooperate for a photo shoot?”  Really though, without adding them into the mix, these are the things that I love having to have, every single day.

what (heather) can't live without

one – I’m truly not much of a makeup person, but this mascara, I use daily.  I just think I look like a boy when my lashes aren’t properly curled and dressed.

two – I have to have highlighters to keep my agenda organized and my lists neat.  I’m obsessed with my agenda, but she didn’t make her debut for this post.  She’s just not at her best right now.

three – I love to read and I love actual books much more, but I do keep several reads on this little guy.  Traveling, this is just more practical.  Plus, my shows, my music, and this awesome Yoga Studio app that I’ve come to love, all live in there.

four – Those people that say “I don’t even look at my watch, I just wear it as jewelry” make me crazy.  I wouldn’t know what to do without my watch.  Maybe it’s just the crazy teacher in me, perpetually trying to master time management.

five – I’ve been a list maker since I was small and successfully annoyed my mom for most of my life with my lists.  Probably where my agenda obsession stems from.  Post-It notes are stuck to everything I touch, so I especially love cute ones like these.

six – Be it lips, elbows, knees, feet, scars, pesky stretch marks (hey, we all have them), or just about anything else that needs a little love and hydration, Palmer’s Cocoa Butter sticks and lotions alike are my very best friends.

seven – I never thought that coffee was something I “needed” to have.  I just thought I really [really] liked it.  Turns out it’s both.  I almost never skip my morning coffee.  I think I’m becoming my mother.

All in all, these things make up my lifeline. Well, with the exception of the ones not pictured.  My current agenda is shamefully hiding it’s face in my bag that’s always sitting right next to me, of course.  And as for the other two, they are at home, probably napping in the sun.

Love, Heather.

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