wear it the chambray way.


ever think that something is cute, but you could never figure out how to wear it?  ever wonder how people make things look so stylish, when they look so different just hanging on the hanger? chambray seems to be one of “those.”  this trend has so much unseen potential!  we have witnessed many customers ponder over this dress & ultimately choose to pass it by, so we decided to pair it with some other items in the store to give you an idea of just how to wear our chambray dress. start with the NOW & DENIM DRESS and add just one extra piece for each of these three, very different looks —

SIMPLY SOPHISTICATED //  [NOW & DENIM DRESS + MAD ABOUT YOU CARDIGAN] – pull on just about any cardigan, & a cute pair of boots, to give this look a polished feel.  depending on the color you choose, it could be an outfit for any season.


EFFORTLESSLY STYLISH// [NOW & DENIM DRESS + SIMPLY CHIC TOP] – throw on this soft peach top & comfy boots, to add a relaxed touch. the belt over both makes you appear to be a edgy fashion guru.


ELEGANTLY CHIC // [NOW & DENIM DRESS + NEED I CROCHET MORE SKIRT] – who ever said you can’t wear a dress AND a skirt?  pull this classic pencil skirt on over your chambray dress to turn it into a cute top.  tie your belt on over the skirt & pick out a pair of colorful flats to pull it all together.

which one do you like the best and which way would you wear your chambray?

love, us.

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