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I’m an organized person.  As all of my friends, family, and Casey (who has to find my keys on a far too regular basis), just read that, they’re looking around saying, “does anyone actually believe that?”  I prefer to say that I live in organized chaos.  So basically, my planner knows exactly what’s going on all of the time.  It just forgets to tell me where I put my keys when I came home, and fails to call my cellphone when I’ve managed to misplace it.  Again.  However, that does not mean that my planner isn’t spot on.

I have purchased so many planners over the years, I have found that a good planner is like a good pair of jeans.  You may have to spend a pretty penny, but if they look fabulous on you, then what’s the harm?  When looking to Casey to justify my planner splurge, he said, “it would be like paying $1.12 a week.  Is a good planner worth that to you?”  I said “heck yes” and now here we are.  I own a Day Designer and I absolutely love it.

My must haves when choosing a planner include monthly calendars, as well as daily, and lots of room to write!  I make so many notes in them, that it basically needs to be a journal.  The Day Designer comes with a two page spread for the month and a whole page dedicated to each day — the best, really.  It should also be simple.

Planner accessory must-haves: washi tape, highlighters, and pencils.  A lot of people use washi tape in their planners.  It’s cute and has designs and I love it, but not for my planner.  That just distracts me.  I like just some brightly colored washi tape — I can stretch it out over days or times to show when I’m busy and free.  Looks like I need to add some fun to the end of September, eh?  Highlighters – because I love them.  And because I absolutely love crossing things off.  I have been a list maker since I could write and I’ve always driven my mother insane with my incessant list making and planning, but here I am, still going strong!  Lastly, pencils.  I hate writing in pen.  Have you ever had a bad handwriting day?  I have them occasionally and they ruin the day.  I mean, I used to rewrite my notes if I didn’t like the way they looked, it was sad.  Anyway, pencils allow you to erase, that is all.

That’s it.  My planner.  In all its glory.  So many people ask me how I stay organized (“yes, really, Casey”) and all I can tell you is this planner.  I wouldn’t make it through the day if I didn’t have this big book telling me what to do next.  Just make it your goal to design your day (or your week, if you’re like me) on a regular basis.  I like to sit down on Sundays and plan out my upcoming week.  It keeps me sane.  Happy planning, people!

Love, Heather.

this is my planner post this is my planner post this is my planner post this is my planner post

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