think outside the box.


we get a lot of people who come in ask us for advice on how to decorate a wall or a room in their house. our first response is usually, what look are you going for? our second response is then, how far are you willing to go outside the box? if you’re looking to add some drama to a plain wall, try adding some unbalanced features. looking for some unique depth? try using a chair as a shelf, by screwing it into the wall. hang a hook in the middle of an empty frame with something hanging from it like we did here.


i think everyone has an old wine jug (you can get a carlo rossi jug for $14 at the liquor store) — stick some rope in it with a big knot at the top for some character. pair it with a cute clock and some greenery and you have yourself a bedside table straight out of a pottery barn catalog.


we like to find a problem area, and think about what we can do with it. one thing that’s a pet peeve — those chains and wires attaching a ceiling light to the ceiling. the problem solver? we wrapped some rope around it and called it a day. like the scroll in the back? you can find those here.


speaking of rope. we love rope. i mean, we loooove rope. we use it for almost everything. remember those unbalanced features we were talking about up there? here’s a perfect example. hang a ladder from the ceiling, add some lanterns over a chair in the room for some depth, and voila — you have yourself a perfect little reading nook.

lantern copy

check out what we did here in a baby’s room. we added some depth to this plain wall and screwed in some barnwood to the wall to create a tree. at the bottom we put some books and created an adorable little sitting area for the little one.


like what you see? do you have a project or a problem area you can’t figure out? give us a shout, or stop down. we can help.


or you can hop over here and grab one of these to help inspire you – to think outside the box.

love, us.

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