the truth, from a shop owner


the truth, from a shop owner

After owning a boutique for almost 8 years, I’ve heard it all. I have women who come in on a daily basis and say the same things to me. I have always been very honest in my answers. Here are some “truth-be-tolds” from a shop owner’s perspective:

ONE | “I’m too old to wear that.”

It’s not about your age, it’s about your style. Now, I’m not saying an 80-year-old woman should wear a crop top. I am saying that people can choose to wear things that are age appropriate. I have customers of all ages and I love it. My favorites are the older women, who come in and try things on and rock them. For sure, there are people who shouldn’t wear certain things and think they look good. My take on it is kind of the same of those American Idol auditions that are horrible. Didn’t anyone who loves you tell you that you were awful?! If you don’t have someone in your life that you can be honest with you, go find one now. But until then, if you’re an older gal, who just enjoys wearing adorable clothes — keep rocking it, because you’re awesome.

TWO | “Nothing in here is going to fit me.”

Did you try anything on? Most likely, no. It’s the common assumption from glancing at the rack or mannequins. A well-known not-so-secret, the smalls are in the front of a rack and on the mannequins. There are other sizes! Some vendors may not carry up to an XL, but some do run a bit on the larger scale. Moral of the story, don’t assume. Because we all know what happens when you assume. Try it on, what’s the worst that could happen? You were right? Either way, you’re leaving feeling good about yourself because you were right or you found something that looks good. Win-win.

THREE | “Where would I wear this?”

To church. To the grocery store. Hell, to the dump! Sometimes, we need to step outside of the box and our closets. If you are in love with something, but just don’t know where you would wear it, buy it. 9 times out of 10, you’re going to have an occasion that you wished you picked it up for — at which point you would go and buy something for it anyway.

FOUR | “My husband would kill me if I wore this!”

I’m sorry, what? Unless you’re going out naked in public, who gives a crap? Does it make you feel good? Do you think it makes you look good? Then wear it! Own it! You’re a strong woman who owns her body. If your husband judges you on what you wear, start judging him on his gun collection, or his gaming skills, or the way he looks when he’s playing basketball. I’m sure that funny face he makes when he runs down the court might make him think twice about telling you that you look awful in something he knows the men are going to look at you in.

FIVE | “I’m too fat.”

If you are one of these people, please, stop it now. First of all, if you’re not at all fat, you’re being ridiculous. Second, if you are fuller figured, I’m NOT going to agree with you. That’s just rude. Plus, if someone IS telling you that — screw them. You may be a full-figured woman, but I’m sure they’re ugly, and you can diet. But I will tell you that it always goes back to, try it on. I have tons of customers that shop with me that where larger sizes — and you know what? Things fit them.

The entire point of this post, is to make women feel good about themselves. If it makes YOU feel good, it probably looks good. Unless you’re wearing crocs with a prom dress and a superman cape to the dump. In which case, I hope your husband does kill you.

Love, Megan.

PS — I know this post may sound very, Helen, but I promise you — I’m not her :)

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