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You’ve heard the phrase, ‘it’s the thought that counts.’ Take those thoughts and turn them into a gift that counts. Making a simple card with personal touches speaks volumes and it’s easier than getting a card from the store. Yep, it truly is. If you think about it, you have to get ready, drive to… Read More
Start your week off by giving someone a gift, a homemade card or a box of cookies wrapped in baker’s twine. It’s a great go-to to freshen it up and make it look nostalgic. For $5 a pop, it’s a great add to any gift you’re giving! Check out some of the ideas we found… Read More
Do you ever see something in a store and think “what would I wear that with?” We know you do! We get it all the time here, at Trend Addictions. We have decided to come up with a little weekly post called “Wear it & Pair it” where we will feature 1 single piece and… Read More
What exactly is washi tape? in a nutshell, it’s pretty tape. Pretty tape made out of washi/rice paper so they are semi transparent, so they have a nice feel and easy to use. Washi tape can be reused since they are removable and repositionable. Now, you know what it is — but how do you… Read More
Well, hey there! We’ve been away for a while, but we’re back! Getting this blogging thing down can be pretty rough, but we think we’ve devised a plan! We have a few fun things to tell you about that happened while we were away – (1) We turned 5! Yep, we celebrated our 5th year… Read More