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May is madness for a teacher.  I am trying to wrap up all the important loose ends, so that we can spend June playing outside a little more, exploring our community, and having plenty of fun before I am made to send them off  (the most bittersweet part of my year).  As of late, I have… Read More
  So first thing’s first, I’m the realest.  Alright, I’m just kidding.  But really.  I named this blog post and felt a bit bold calling myself “pretty,” but hey!  Best to be confident, no? I’m going to say two things I’ve said a lot lately: (one) I do not wear pink, but my ever-expanding wardrobe with… Read More
Every girl wants a functional wardrobe.  Am I right?  It’s pertinent that we be able to change just a thing or two in order to go from a cute work outfit, to a fun evening or weekend look.  And if you’re me, it’s mainly just because you don’t want to spend the extra time primping,… Read More