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Being a teacher means making a teacher’s salary.  While that’s just fabulous with me, it also means my teacher clothes need to be budget-friendly, people.  Enter Old Navy.  A teacher’s best friend.  Or at least this teacher’s best friend.  I splurge on some things.  Like pants.  My pants have GOT to be comfortable because I kind… Read More
As a child, I loved the first day of school.  For one, I just simply loved school.  For two, I loved putting on that new, first day of school outfit, and seeing my shoes clean and crisp, as they would indeed only be that way for another few hours.  Styles came and went throughout school,… Read More
Last summer we had this crop top at the shop.  I wanted it.  I tried it on.  I picked out outfits for it.  I didn’t buy it.  I was being “safe.”  I hate safe.  But by the time I was being daring, it was cold again.  Imagine my surprise when it showed back up a… Read More
“Ta-da!” “ta-da: interjection \tä-ˈdä\ —used as mock fanfare to call attention to something remarkable,” says Merriam-Webster. That is exactly what this building is.  Remarkable.  I have an innate curiosity and love for all things old and original, so this building absolutely peaks my curiosity.  The upstairs went through a fire several decades ago, and while I don’t know… Read More
So, I wear this skirt a lot.  Like a lot.  I wear it all the time.  With everything.  See – cat shirts go great with it! In our about us, I rocked thinner black and white stripes with it!  Now that it’s getting dreary and I’m falling in love with color again, I decided to… Read More