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Being a teacher means making a teacher’s salary.  While that’s just fabulous with me, it also means my teacher clothes need to be budget-friendly, people.  Enter Old Navy.  A teacher’s best friend.  Or at least this teacher’s best friend.  I splurge on some things.  Like pants.  My pants have GOT to be comfortable because I kind… Read More
Styling your outfit with a monochromatic palette in mind is lovely!  Speaking monotone is boring.  Here are my very simple guidelines to not be boring: 1. Create interest — use different shades of the same color.  2. Be a little daring — switch up the patterns.  3. Always wear awesome shoes.  That’s it.  So easy.  Try… Read More
These shorts are my new favorite shorts.  They have a high waist and a long inseam, so just my type, really.  I actually hate shorts.  I don’t wear them often, so these are the only ones I’ve worn yet this summer, and they’re probably the only ones that will make their way out of hibernation…. Read More
So this weekend we got all fancy and we celebrated.  “Why?” you ask.  Well, every year our hometown hosts The Great Wellsville Balloon Rally and the event we attended is their big fundraiser!  Evening Under the Stars is a black and white event and we absolutely love going.  As business-people in the area, it’s a great… Read More
Back to reality. “Reality” meaning twenty degree weather, snow, + no more “adult” slushies, on the sunshine filled beaches of Fort Lauderdale. And for all of you who are wondering, yes, I am crying as I write this from thirty-seven thousand feet in the air. I suppose, I better get over it, so I can… Read More