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Summer doesn’t last long.  At least not for those of us who live in lovely Western New York.  I mean, we don’t suffer tornadoes, hurricanes, or most natural disasters, but we suffer through winter.  For two-thirds of the year.  I suppose we choose to live here, so it’s our fault.  However, shorts season is about… Read More
Every girl wants a functional wardrobe.  Am I right?  It’s pertinent that we be able to change just a thing or two in order to go from a cute work outfit, to a fun evening or weekend look.  And if you’re me, it’s mainly just because you don’t want to spend the extra time primping,… Read More
Who says fashion has to be so feminine?  Us ladies love to look great, but let’s face it, men have it just a tad easier!  There are so many women’s trends out there that incorporate the best pieces of the male wardrobe, so we dove into our closets to find a few! Here’s what you… Read More
Remember that blog we wrote – “a day at FAME?!” Well, here’s one of our favorite pieces we found while we were there – the Moto Jacket! We told you faux leather would be a trend to keep your eye on for this fall & here’s a perfect example! NO. 1 – THE MOTO JACKET… Read More