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DISCLAIMER: I am absolutely not a doctor.  I hold no professional knowledge in the area of nutrition, exercise, or any combination of the two.  It’s just me, talking about my experience and my favorite juice.  No, my favorite juice is not wine.  Now, moving on.  How many of you wish you could just sit on… Read More
Last time I promised we’d talk about how to get you started on your own adventure, whatever it may be.  Now, don’t expect that I am going to drop some crazy pearl of wisdom upon you that you’ve never heard.  Unfortunately, like so many other things in life there is no “easy” button or magic… Read More
Here, at Trend Addictions, we are lucky to have the chance to meet so many wonderful women.  From their fashion, to their funny, to their fitness, these women make us smile and inspire us every day.  We have invited three of these lovely ladies to join us on our blogging adventure, as featured guest bloggers. … Read More