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A little secret anyone who looks in my car can probably decipher — my wardrobe lives in my car most of the time.  Between driving from Corning to Wellsville, and working at Trend (for which I have to cart a weekend bag of clothes to and from on most days) my wardrobe lives a very gypsy… Read More
As a child, I loved the first day of school.  For one, I just simply loved school.  For two, I loved putting on that new, first day of school outfit, and seeing my shoes clean and crisp, as they would indeed only be that way for another few hours.  Styles came and went throughout school,… Read More
I’m wearing a shirt with a palm leaf on it.  The end. Really though.  It has been a long few weeks getting ready for school to start back up.  And I wore this outfit a month ago.  And I still haven’t written my blog for it.  Slack, much? This is my “farewell summer and hellOoo fall” post…. Read More
Fall is right around the corner, at least for us. Like Heather has mentioned, you only get about 2 full months of summer where we live, so your summer wardrobe gets minimal use. As sad as that may be, I can’t help but start dreaming of my fall wardrobe for this year. I can start… Read More
Styling your outfit with a monochromatic palette in mind is lovely!  Speaking monotone is boring.  Here are my very simple guidelines to not be boring: 1. Create interest — use different shades of the same color.  2. Be a little daring — switch up the patterns.  3. Always wear awesome shoes.  That’s it.  So easy.  Try… Read More