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In my personal opinion, there is something phenomenal about shopping local.  I won’t pretend that I never shop online.  My Instagram posts would be a dead giveaway.  However, being able to walk down the street, stop to grab a coffee (from the cutest coffee shop), find a gift for a friend (at one of the… Read More
A little secret anyone who looks in my car can probably decipher — my wardrobe lives in my car most of the time.  Between driving from Corning to Wellsville, and working at Trend (for which I have to cart a weekend bag of clothes to and from on most days) my wardrobe lives a very gypsy… Read More
Lesson of the week: “don’t believe everything you read.”   I’ve read a lot about wearing black on black, and everything says that you have to dress it up, you have to mix materials, you have to wear chunky statement jewelry, and so on.  While I think that’s all great advice, & I’ll definitely be using… Read More
This season-changing limbo we are stuck in tends to wreak havoc on our wardrobe decisions in the morning! We have put together a few outfits that we think really are the perfect way to transition your favorite cold weather clothing into spring-inspired outfits! No. 1 // Boots – Some of you may be happy to… Read More