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Looking back on this outfit, I started thinking, “this may or may not very closely resemble pajamas.”  Even the shoes look a tad like slippers!  But hey, I’m comfy + proud, the makings for a perfect weekend outfit!  I am most often found wearing very classic pieces + mainly solid colors, however, I like to… Read More
Back to reality. “Reality” meaning twenty degree weather, snow, + no more “adult” slushies, on the sunshine filled beaches of Fort Lauderdale. And for all of you who are wondering, yes, I am crying as I write this from thirty-seven thousand feet in the air. I suppose, I better get over it, so I can… Read More
Lesson of the week: “don’t believe everything you read.”   I’ve read a lot about wearing black on black, and everything says that you have to dress it up, you have to mix materials, you have to wear chunky statement jewelry, and so on.  While I think that’s all great advice, & I’ll definitely be using… Read More