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Megan told me we were going to share the things we can’t live without.  She needed me to bring these things in for pictures.  The first thought that ran through my mind, was “how in the world am I going to get Stella and Abby to the store and coax them to cooperate for a… Read More
The infamous question – “are you a dog person or a cat person?”  In reality, I have never had a single person ask me this question, but onward.  Most of you know what my answer would be – cat person.  Don’t be mistaken.  I love all animals.  Some of my friends are reading this right… Read More
Megan loves graphic tees.  Me on the other hand; the only graphic tees I own are cat-themed.  Seriously. But onward — I love, love, love this fun cat tank & try to wear it with as many outfits as I can — without looking like I don’t do laundry.   From black pants, to blazers, this… Read More
Check out what we are obsessing over this week — links are at the bottom <3 one // J.Crew Workshirt in Pink Plaid two // Urban Tribe Jewelry Leather Bracelet three // Champion Washed Stripe Jute Keds four // Tea Lovers Box by Vegan Cuts five // Cutout Oxfords at Lulu’s six // Someone Like… Read More