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I wasn’t 100% sure where to take the direction of this month’s blog. So, I reached out to a few of my favorites and asked what would you want to read about? And I got some great responses, but nothing that I could take and run with — if you like to write, you know… Read More
So it’s been a minute. A few things, last month I promised a second blog to announce the winner of my giveaway – unfortunately, there were no entries. So, no giveaway…this time. Secondly, I mentioned celebrating American Heart Month and wanted to share another freebie at home workout, which is coming! I have realized that… Read More
Dear Erica, It’s me (you…duh). It’s February 2017, what a year you had! Right from the jump, 2016 put you to the test. I know that you were still struggling trying to find your way. It’s no small task to be a wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friend all while holding down a full-time job,… Read More
My whole life I have been concerned with how my body looks. I know that I’m not all that different from other girls/women. My earliest memory about weight was a third grade physical that I weighed the same as a boy in my class, a whole whopping 72 pounds (which I believe is probably an… Read More
As promised, we’re back to what Megan actually asked me to do here. I wanted to put together a short and functional workout that you can do at home, with no equipment required, works your full body even when you’re short on time. The idea here is to put your maximum effort in to a… Read More