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It’s that time of year again!  Wedding season!  We all love a good wedding reception wedding.  Either way, between dresses for weddings (and rehearsals, if necessary) we could all just probably sign away our paychecks over the summer.

Casey (the boyfriend) and I were invited to a wedding in California this spring.  Of course, the venue was phenomenal and I needed a stellar dress to match.  Or at least that is how I justified buying a new one.  I splurged a little on the dress I wanted because it was just “me.”  And it had pockets.  No brainer.  During the reception, so many sweet women complimented me on my “look” and my dress, that I was sure Casey was paying people.  Needless to say, I wanted to write ASOS a letter, thanking them for selling this clearly amazing dress.

Until I got home.  I hung my lovely dress up in the closet and a couple weeks later when it was blog time, I took it out to see the stitching in the bodice had fallen out.  Working in retail, I know that defects happen, and it is no one’s fault, but I was super disappointed.  I got on their website and emailed them, completely expecting to have to go on the defensive (I was outside the time frame of the return/exchange policy, plus my tags were off).  Surprisingly, my defensive prep wasn’t even needed.  The ASOS customer service team was amazing.  They were apologetic and offered me a new dress or a full refund.  Impressed, I was.  So, when you go hunting for “the dress” for your next wedding adventure, check out ASOS.  I was happy.

Love, Heather.

ASOS-Dress-2 ASOS-Dress-4 ASOS-Dress-3



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