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I’ve been obsessing over tulle skirts lately. So I decided to make one. Yep, I pulled out my spankin’ new sewing machine that my loving husband bought me for Christmas. I’ve always known how to sew, but would just go up to my mom’s house to use hers instead of buying one.

Disclaimer: I am not a seamstress and don’t play one on TV.

Tulle Skirt Tutorial

What you will need —

  • scissors or rotary cutter
  • cutting mat
  • tulle (7 yards, folded or 13 yards non folded)
  • non static lining (1.5 yards folded or 3 yards non folded)
  • elastic
  • thread

Follow steps 1 – 3 with the tulle and then the lining. I recommend doing 2 layers of lining. Follow through with step 4 and you are done!

Tulle Skirt Tutorial

Tulle Skirt Tutorial

Tulle Skirt Tutorial

Tulle Skirt Tutorial

Do you love this as much as we do?

Love, Megan.

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