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Most of you know I’m a teacher.  If you didn’t, now you do.  I hate those Friday mornings where I wake up feeling like I just did a complete injustice to my closet — all week long.  Sometimes my “trend vibes” get lost in my “I’m going to be covered in glitter and paint by noon” mindset.  On this day, I decided no more.  (At least for the rest of the week.)  Why should I have to choose to be stylish OR be a teacher?  I don’t.  And while I have to remind myself of this often, it is far better than losing it completely.  So, whether you’re one of those teachers who is stuck in some weird outfit funk, you’re looking for a happy medium between “I’m hanging with 4-year-olds all day and planning to drink a bottle of wine with my girlfriends tonight,” or you’re just a person looking for a new flipping outfit idea, I give you this — my sweet, yet not completely style-less teacher look.  Sweet pre-k teacher by skirt; and dinner-and-drinks-ready by (faux) leather jacket.  If you like spending time primping in between work and drinks, go home, change, primp, rock on, but if you’re like me, wear this.  Or just add a badass jacket to whatever outfit you have.

Love, Heather.

style everyday | trendy vs. teacher style everyday | trendy vs. teacher style everyday | trendy vs. teacher

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