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Tuck & Drape

I’m obsessing over the ‘tuck & drape’ at the moment. I had my second child almost 2 years ago and i’m still trying to get back into my body over it. I had a c-section, and for me — it was awful. I’m starting to get back into my groove, one step at a time. One thing that I have sworn by, is tucking in my shirt — just on the side of the front. Does that make sense? This works for many reasons, but my personal fave is the way it hides certain post baby stuff. Now, i’m not talking about tucking in a tight shirt (although you absolutely can). I’m talking an oversized shirt, and draping it over the tuck. In my life, there are 2 tucks.



THE MESSY TUCK // Tucking in the front + draping around the tuck.



THE HALF TUCK // Tucking in one side + draping the other side. This can also work well with a sweater over it.


THE TAILORED TUCK // Tucking in the front + draping in the back. For this one, I used a picture of my fellow Instagrammer — Elif. You can check out her adorable blog, here. She did a great job with the tailored tuck. She was spot on with this tuck using this shirt with a patterned back (which are huge right now).

These all help to show off your waistline and give you a streamlined look. Check out our Pinterest Page for more ideas!

Happy Tucking!

Love, Megan.

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