style everyday | sporty, but polished


So high-waisted jeans — I kept seeing them, and kept loving them.  I just didn’t know where to turn.  If we’re being honest, I only own one pair of jeans that I love.  Or even wear, for that matter.  I decided to go with my go-to favorites, and track a new pair down from there.  And I found these!

GAP did it again.  I am absolutely in love with these jeans!  It’s not just the high-waist either, but the light-wash!  Without looking like they were previously dragged through dirt.  One of my major pet-peeves.

Then came the question of how in the world to wear them.  Well, my best outfits always come from my laziest days, hence the college t-shirt — shout out to St. Bonaventure University.  A sporty tee, mixed with an oversized shirt kept my outfit casual, but pretty flats and a cozy scarf tied it all together with a sophisticated little bow!

style everyday | sporty, but polished

style everyday | sporty, but polished

style everyday | sporty, but polished

jeans | oversized shirt | tee (similar) | flats (target, old) | scarf (trend addictions, old)

Then when our wonky Upstate New York weather changed from 45 to 80, midday, I was able to peel off the scarf & layers!  [PS – These pictures were taken the same day as Megan’s pictures for her ‘style everyday | it’s fall, or is it?‘ post!  Check out what she wore!]  Who says you can’t be comfy and stylish all at the same time?  Not I.  More power to the lazy!

Love, Heather.

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