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Summer doesn’t last long.  At least not for those of us who live in lovely Western New York.  I mean, we don’t suffer tornadoes, hurricanes, or most natural disasters, but we suffer through winter.  For two-thirds of the year.  I suppose we choose to live here, so it’s our fault.  However, shorts season is about 2 months long, so what to do with those cuties when the season is cut short?  Well, I’m here to show you how you can rock them spring, summer, and fall.  I do not advise wearing anything except a snowsuit in the winter though.


style everyday | short story style everyday | short storystyle everyday | short story

Now, I may have said it’s almost always cold here, and that’s true.  But when it’s hot, it’s hot.  And humid.  Like too humid.  I’m aware that someone always has it worse, but listen, this is my blog post, and I’m going to whine a bit.  It’s just my thing.  So anyway, avoid wearing any clothing that may have the ability to cling. Just don’t do it.  In fact, wear as little clothing as possible, without looking like you should not be seen in public.  I hate my feet in flip flops, but rock ’em, if you got ’em, otherwise, stick to flats, like myself!  Voila — summer — we all kind of know how to do this one.



style everyday | short storystyle everyday | short storystyle everyday | short story

This one may be trickier.  Or not.  Whatever.  While I was thinking on this, I kept seeing all these pictures of girls wearing tights under shorts.  I’ve done it once.  I promptly changed before leaving my closet.  Let’s be real, this is a bit outside of my comfort zone, but lately, I’m all about getting out of that box.  I chose these cute tights that I had stuck in my drawer and have been worn only once.  Since it’s hypothetically fall in this picture (even though it’s probably really 80 degrees and I’m sweating profusely) I paired my shorts and tights with my favorite (okay, only) moto jacket.  Throw on some booties, because tights just don’t look great in flats or sandals for me, and you’re good to go!

Love, Heather.



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  • victoria

    To funny! I was just talking about this when I was in the store last night! Love the look and “getting out of your comfort zone” looks good on you Heather!

  • heather

    Thanks, Victoria! <3 I'm sure there will be a lot more teacher outfits soon, so I might as well get as far out of the box as I can for now! ;)

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