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Here, at Trend Addictions, we are lucky enough to have the chance to meet so many wonderful women.  From their fashion, to their funny, to their fitness, these women make us smile and inspire us every day.  We have invited three of these lovely ladies to join us on our blogging adventure, as featured guest bloggers.  The first of those is the absolutely darling, Victoria.  Her, and her cute-as-ever mini, stop in to visit us from time-to-time and we love following Victoria’s fashion-forward journey on Instagram.  We’ve brought her on board because we’re just positive that you’ll love her too!

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My daughter and I were on a Mother’s Day trip — shopping and out for dinner. We went into Anthropologie and my daughter, Lola, immediately spotted a darling jumpsuit on the mannequin.  She turned to me and said, “mom you have to try that on!” She knows me well.  It was neutral, breezy, and paired with a darling leather wrap belt.  After doing a little searching, I found the jumpsuit and a sales associate pointed me in the direction of the belt.  It was lovely.  It was also $138.00 along with the $68.00 belt.  I purchased both items, along with two amazing sale finds ($57 Paige denim *can I get a what, what?!).  I left feeling amazing, but also slightly guilt stricken because I did indeed splurge.

But damn it, I loved that outfit!  Then it dawned on me — “Victoria, if you didn’t go on so many H&M and Forever 21 binges, you wouldn’t have to feel guilty about this purchase at all.  Instead of buying 7 body con skirts, that lord knows will not flatter your shape, save and splurge on the one — the outfit that makes your heart go pitter-patter.”

Things started to click after this.  “You are a grown woman!”  So I purged my closet.  I sold more things than I could tell you, but also things that I was NEVER wearing, and I invested.  I purchased jeans that were pricey, but fit my body perfectly, tops that were flattering and beautiful, and dresses that made me feel lovely.

My purchases were few, but will indeed be worn and paired together beautifully.

style everyday | quality, not quanitystyle everyday | quality, not quanitystyle everyday | quality, not quanitystyle everyday | quality, not quanitystyle everyday | quality, not quanitystyle everyday | quality, not quanitystyle everyday | quality, not quanityOver the years, I have slowly applied this to so many things in my life.  The idea of truly investing and being a little more choosy about your health (more water, no tanning), friends, foundation (oh hello, Sephora), home décor, and the list goes on! So ladies, even though there is nothing wrong with buying that $7.00 tee at H&M, I encourage you to take a minute and think about maybe just not buying 10 of them. Instead, save that paper I know you are working hard for and invest it wisely in staples to your wardrobe that may indeed be pricier, but that you will feel wonderful in (and actually wear).

Love, Victoria.

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  • Gerianne

    I was just about to do a huge splurge at one of these places, I’m definitely reconsidering it now. You’re right, we’re grown women! And I deserve nice things every once in a while. Thanks dear!!

  • Tracy

    I too have applied this motto to my purchases. With two little minis… I have to wear clothes that make me feel lovely and comfortable. Thanks for sharing! So excited for more! Xoxo

    • victoria

      Completely agree Tracy! As a mother there is not a lot of time to mess around with ill fitting clothes! We need things we can slip on and feel instantly beautiful with out the fuss of worrying if it’s flattering. So happy that you are excited for more! So am I! Thank you for your comment it is truly appreciated! Xo

  • Elizabeth Anne Hurley

    You talked me out of a shopping spree at Old Navy. I felt like I had to go spend all of my “Old Navy Cash” just because I had the coupons and there was super good deals, but at the end of the day, that’s always the stuff I get rid of first. So the ON Cash went in the garbage and I can save my money for something way more fabulous

    • victoria

      I am so glad that you were inspired by this Liz!! You are a hot mama and deserve to save up for something more fab! Can’t wait to see what you purchased! xo

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