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These shorts are my new favorite shorts.  They have a high waist and a long inseam, so just my type, really.  I actually hate shorts.  I don’t wear them often, so these are the only ones I’ve worn yet this summer, and they’re probably the only ones that will make their way out of hibernation.  I also rarely wear heels.  It’s just a little too outside my comfort zone.  However, Megan insisted.  I hesitated, but finally gave up agreed.  I guess I better get used to it, considering the fashion show is in t-minus 3 days and I’ll be “rocking” (I say that as if I had a clue what I am doing) them up and down the runway (assuming I don’t face plant first).  Here we go again with this “outside of my comfort zone.”  I am completely unsure of what I got myself into with this fashion show.  I can speak in front of groups of people, manage a classroom full of crazy children, while covered in glitter and glue, and trying to calm a crier and talk to a parent.  I can even enter and tag hundreds of new pieces of inventory, organize an entire store, and keep a register down to the penny, even with masses of people coming in and out for 12 hours straight, but ask me to walk down an elevated runway, in front of those same people, and you’ve got me terrified.  So, in honor of all things “outside of my comfort zone” I give you heels and shorts.  I also am going to give you me.  On a runway.  “Modeling” clothes.  This Saturday, July 18th, at noon.  You should come see.  And you should also do something outside of your comfort zone once in a while.  It’s good for you.  I swear.

PS – I am in love with these midi rings from Rocksbox.

_MG_4382 _MG_4383 _MG_4386 _MG_4392wedges | shorts | top (similar) | bag (similar)

Love, Heather.


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  • Liz Hurley

    Leaving your comfort zone was a great idea–you did awesome at the fashion show! You have a natural talent:):)

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