style everyday | office to off-duty (part two)


Every girl wants a functional wardrobe.  Am I right?  It’s pertinent that we be able to change just a thing or two in order to go from a cute work outfit, to a fun evening or weekend look.  And if you’re me, it’s mainly just because you don’t want to spend the extra time primping, so here you are ladies, a [second] blog about transitioning your outfits!  PS – I’m overly excited about the deals I got on these dresses and a few other pieces, so don’t mind my enthusiasm and exact change recaps!

I snagged this pink tie dress at Gap a couple weeks ago, for just 29.97!  Crazy, I know.  Can you tell I hit the clearance rack before I look anywhere else in the store?  Because I do.  It’s actually usually the only place I look.  Anyways, I don’t like pink. I own almost no pink clothing.  No pink anything.  I just don’t like pink. And yet, I like this pink & it’s now hanging in my closet.  While I wanted to pair this pretty dress with so many pieces, we only did two, so here they are!

style everyday | office to off-duty

The first look we went for was very simple.  While I had originally planned to pair it with a cute cardigan, and use the waist tie outside both, I decided that I wanted to show off the cute waistline a little more.  Of course, I couldn’t pass up the adorable full skirt!  Plus, being tall, it can be a long day trying to find a dress that isn’t a shirt on me, and this dress is a perfect length for me, even while teaching!

style everyday | office to off-duty

khqtkCDTrDJPQwu9yzyGhUu6sCyQvxhsbYuGr33ftrwTo give this dress a more weekend feel, I added my favorite chambray button down, tied in the front, and white slip-on sneakers!  This gives the look a far more casual feel & a chambray could easily be thrown in your bag to change into after work!  Perfect, right?!

style everyday | office to off-duty

style everyday | office to off-dutySo, for all of the girls who like things to be incredibly easy, we’ve got you covered!  We’d love to see/hear how you work shorter dresses into your office attire!  Get creative and show us your ideas!

Love, Heather.

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