style everyday | office to off-duty (part three)


Every girl wants a functional wardrobe.  Am I right?  It’s pertinent that we be able to change just a thing or two in order to go from a cute work outfit, to a fun evening or weekend look.  And if you’re me, it’s mainly just because you don’t want to spend the extra time primping, so here you are ladies, a [third] blog about transitioning your outfits!  PS – I’m overly excited about the deals I got on these dresses and a few other pieces, so don’t mind my enthusiasm and exact change recaps!

I picked up this little guy on the Old Navy clearance rack.  $11.98.  You just can’t go wrong with that price.  Especially when it’s long enough to wear while teaching!  So here you go — day and night — with the same dress.  Simple, really!

style everyday | office to off-duty

For the day look, I opted for a very classic!  This dress is a bit strappy, so I needed something to cover my shoulders — I figured simple black & white would do the trick!  I added a lightweight scarf, so that I wouldn’t have to take it off once it started to warm up.  Plus, it gave my outfit the perfect pop of color, so I wasn’t looking too drab, while hanging out in Pre-K all day!

style everyday | office to off-duty

style everyday | office to off-duty

The second look is by far my favorite.  Mainly because I am in love with my moto jacket.  Really though, if you’re getting ready to go out for girls’ night or on a date night, you might want to give your outfit a little perk up before hand!  Add in something a little edgier, like a great jacket, and some simple long necklaces to give you still that girly touch.

style everyday | office to off-duty


So, for all of the girls who like things to be incredibly easy, we’ve got you covered!  Here’s to simplicity!

Love, Heather.

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