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I thought this post name was appropriate. I’ve never heard this phrase before, until now. That’s all I hear now. And it’s growing on me. If you didn’t read about our new journey, please do so now. We have new digs. (Is that how I even say it?)

… you should be caught up now.

We have moved. In every sense of the word. We were busting at the seams at our old location and just needed more space. The amount of support and help that went into this move, was ah-mazing. Really. Our town has THE greatest people. The kind of people that help you in the drop of a hat to move your entire store in one hour. The kind of people that call their kids to come down to help out. The kind of people that work at the local bank, and when making a deposit, tell you they are more than happy to help you move. The kind of business owners that bring you food and coffee on your re-opening day. The kind of mailman that brings you a change of address form, because with everything going on, maybe you forgot. And you did. The kind of manager at Trend, that comes in to help out on Thanksgiving, so that we can open our new doors on Black Friday. The kind of best friends that help every-step-of-the-way to get this place up and going. The kind of family that watched my girls everyday and the kind of husband that was at the shop all hours to help me finish.

THIS is the reason I live here and THESE are the people I am happy to see everyday.

This shop is my second child, and everyone helps me raise it. I have thanked and thanked over again, but I will always feel that it’s not enough. So I will continue to give back, always.

If you’re around the area, stop by. I promise you won’t be disappointed. If you’re not in the area, hold on a little bit longer. We will be doing a blog post about our new digs <3

As for now, we are back up and running with our daily posts. I snagged these Hunter Boots I’ve been drooling over, on Cyber Monday. Layered a ton of clothes with this jacket from Old Navy. Added this scarf from ASOS, and BOOM… warm. It’s getting cold over here.

style everyday | new digsstyle everyday | new digsstyle everyday | new digsstyle everyday | new digs

Wait until you see our new space for our blog pictures. It’s the upstairs in our new building, and it’s beautiful! Stay tuned.

Love, Megan.

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