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“Fat.”  “Skinny.”  “Unhealthy.”  “Self-conscious.”  All words that I have never thought of when describing myself.  Shaming myself is not even a consideration for two reasons:  (one) that’s not the standard I strive for, and (two) there are many people who actually struggle with these things daily.  These can be true problems for people.  Some people deal with factors that actually drag them down and prevent them from achieving what the world seems to see as “perfect.”  So have some respect, for yourself and for those who truly struggle, and dig deep in your vocabulary to find the words that actually describe you.

“Hard working.”  “Outgoing.”  “Patient.”  “Confident.”  These are the words I choose to describe myself.  Or did, still do, but for a while I fell off track…I had been attending the gym regularly, but a new job, traveling, and the terrible winter aided in me actively avoiding the gym.  Fatigue, disinterest, loss of focus: these are some of the things I felt, to name a few.  I no longer felt like those words I mentioned described me.  I just lost myself and didn’t really feel comfortable in my own skin.  This is not okay with me.  I have worked hard over the last several years to become the best person I can be and I’m proud of that, so losing me is not an option.

PROBLEM // a lack of time to get to the gym.
SOLUTION // find a way to be active, no matter what city I’m in.  For me, this ended up being Insanity.
ACTION // Go to work.  Twenty-eight long days, twenty-two intense workouts (yes, I skipped two), and a gazillion ounces of water later, and I have lost four pounds.  Yes, just four.  But guess what – that’s not what counts.  What counts is the energy I have when I wake up each morning.  What counts is the focus and drive I have for each of the many hats I wear throughout the week.  What counts is that I’m comfortable in my own skin again.  I may not have lost a ton of weight (while I have lost quite a few inches), what counts is that I’ve also lost the fatigue, the disinterest, and the “can’t wear that” attitude.

So, my message to you today, is to step off that scale, or whatever it is that might be holding you back, and focus on what counts.  Be comfortable being you, no matter what “you” might be.  Find out what is important to you, decide how you can achieve that, and embrace it.  Be you.  Don’t be someone else.  That’s boring.

(And yes, my skirt is wrinkly.  Not everything can be picture perfect.)

Love, Heather.

_MG_3457 _MG_3448 _MG_3462 _MG_3455


1 | Hat
2 | Scarf (Chan Luu, gift)
3 | Crop Top
4 | Watch
5 | Skirt (past Victoria’s Secret)
6 | Shoes



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