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No one buys a dress, with the thought “I’ll never ever wear this again.”  Eh.  Unless we’re talking about the oh-so-lovely bridesmaids dresses we’re all forced lucky enough to purchase, but now I’m getting sidetracked.  When shopping for dresses, all girls know that it’s a huge bonus, when the dress has potential to be worn several times!  Below we captured three different dresses & two styles for each!   Hopefully, you can take a few of these tips & apply them to your own wardrobe.  If not, stop in – we’ll get you all dressed up.     get more out of your dress

This smock dress [insert googly heart eyes emoji].  That’s all.  I can’t get over how much I love it!  No one ever said dresses can’t be layered, so I put a sleeveless collared top underneath, to give it a much needed pop of color!

get more out of your dress get more out of your dress

dress | top

The second look is probably my favorite.  Add some tights to your dress, a simple accessory (I used Vera Bradley’s Soft Fringe Scarf, in Fanfare) & some fun ankle booties!  Simple!

get more out of your dress get more out of your dress

dress | scarf (in store)

Maxis are the perfect versatile dress because they can so easily be turned into a skirt!  Check out the Splendid In Stripes Maxi!  Now, if you know me, you know I’m not a huge fan of pink, so I decided to turn this maxi into a more casual skirt, just by adding a simple tee!  Easy, huh?

get more out of your dress

dress | tee (previously in store)

Do you embrace pink?  Then try the second look!  This dress is so flowy & the strapless style gives it such a beachy feel, that I added a floppy hat – perfect for sunny days or vacations!

get more out of your dress

dress | hat (Tommy Bahama, gift)

I always see girls wearing their dresses with jeans, so I tried it out!  It’s my new favorite.  Jeans are a fantastic way to give your dress a more casual feel.  To you naysayers, who say, “but it’s summer;” I say “we live in New York state.  Chances are it’ll be cold again in 37 minutes.”

get more out of your dressget more out of your dress

dress | jeans (in store) | flats

The second look.  Um, hello!  I’m a genius.  Just kidding.  Megan had to help with this one.  She told me “just try it.”  I did.  We were beyond happy with the outcome!  Just because it’s “unconventional” to wear a tank over a thicker strapped sleeveless dress, does not mean it can’t be done!  Try this with something in your closet; we dare you!  If it’s a little too flowy, go ahead & belt it, to give it a more cinched appearance & show off your waistline!

get more out of your dress

get more out of your dress

dress | tank | flats

There.  Three dress.  Two styles each.  Use these tips to revamp your wardrobe choices.  Your closet will love you & you’ll love your closet again!  Happy Styling.

Love, Heather.

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