style everyday | for the love of cats


Megan loves graphic tees.  Me on the other hand; the only graphic tees I own are cat-themed.  Seriously.

But onward — I love, love, love this fun cat tank & try to wear it with as many outfits as I can — without looking like I don’t do laundry.   From black pants, to blazers, this tank has co-starred with many other key players in my wardrobe, but this skirt has come to be the purr-fect match.

style everyday | for the love of cats

style everyday | for the love of cats


Do you love cats too?  Or maybe just cat clothes?  Well, just wait for it!  We have a new graphic tee in-stock, and it’s cat-tabulous!  Okay, I’m done with the cat wordplay.  But really, check back soon to see how we styled my newest in-store favorite!

Love, Heather.

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  • Liz Hurley

    I havent visited the blog in awhile, but you know when I do, it is going to be the day there is a post about cats! Meow!

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