style everyday | dressing for your body type (part 1)


No matter how often you go to the gym, or how healthy you eat, we all have different body types & instead of trying to fit into one mold, we each need to learn to embrace our own bodies & dress for who we are.  We received a ton of feedback about doing a blog on ‘how to dress for your body type.’ When we approached our Facebook readers and asked them to join us on our blog, we got a great response.

Our first reader was Kylie. She approached us about our blog, feeling a bit insecure about her post baby shape. She had her daughter 2 years ago, and still hasn’t gotten back into her body physically or mentally.

“I am definitely a little bustier which makes me self-conscious and I definitely have a problem with my stomach, I want to find ways to hide that without accentuating my bust which is difficult. It really comes down to finding a style that helps boost self-confidence for me which starts with finding what flatters my body best.”

style everyday | dressing for your body type

When she arrived, we were super excited at how adorable she was — her shape and personality. Kylie is a size 6 in bottoms, but a large in tops because her upper body is more broad. After talking with Kylie about her body type, we assessed that she was a wedge shape. Now, we get that the body shapes (wedge, apple, pear, etc.) don’t have exactly the most flattering title. However, everyone has a body type, and figuring out which one you are is the first step to figuring out what looks best on you.

  • Wedge Shape // Inverted triangle. Broad chest and wide shoulders which are large in proportion to a narrow waist and hips.
    1. Problem areas — Hide bust without accentuating stomach.
    2. Best assets  — Legs.
    3. Goals — accentuate your lower body while softening your shoulders and upper body.
  • Tips //
    1. Wear bright colors on bottom and dark colors on top. This will draw the eye away from your problem areas.
    2. Don’t wear spaghetti straps or boatneck tops. This will make your shoulders look broader.
    3. Wear tops that call attention to your waistline and/or show off your legs.
    4. Wear full skirts and wide leg pants. This will help accentuate your smaller waist.

Here’s what we dressed Kylie in!

No. 1 // Drop waist dress — This dress works perfectly with tip #1 because of the dark top and busy bottom.

style everyday | dressing for your body typeNo. 2 // Skinny jeans, v- neck top and scarf. Wearing a v-neck top, breaks up the ‘shelf look’ when you have broader shoulders and a larger bust. We did the tuck and drape to show off her tiny waist.

style everyday | dressing for your body typeNo. 3 // The stripe dress. We love this dress because it can work perfectly for this body type, even though it has horizontal stripes (which usually are a no-no). Because of the placement of the vertical stripes in the top of the dress, it creates an illusion that her bust is smaller. We added a belt to show off her small waist.

kylie6style everyday | dressing for your body type

“I can never tell you how great yesterday was! I’m very thankful. It was definitely what I needed. I feel more self-confident about myself today than I have in years! And when getting dressed for work this morning I tried to pull in what you said, v-necks and I did the tank top necklace trick! You girls are wonderful, wonderful women! Thank you!”

These women (in this series) are very brave and opening up about their self image and how they feel about their body type. Admit it, we all feel like this! Leave some kind words in the comments for Kylie and tell her just how amazing she looks <3

Stay tuned for PART 2 next week!

Love, Us.

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  • Heather Jordan

    Hey ladies!!!
    You guys are great!!! I love this blog about different body types and ways to dress them. It’s so important for us ladies to realize not everyone has the body type of a size 2 model. Also that we can look beautiful, stylish, and trendy with clothes fit for our particular body type!
    Thx ladies,

  • Alison Aiken

    You look great, Kylie! I especially love the striped dress!

  • Rhiannon Babbitt

    Great insight- and story. This is helpful and relatable. You look great Kylie . Looking forward to seeing what else the ladies @ TA report on.

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