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Finding a dress for a wedding can be a thrilling shopping experience.  Whether you spend it in your bed, hunkered down for 12+ hours, on your laptop, consuming the world’s largest bag of chips, or you roam the mall until closing, on the treasure hunt of a lifetime, shopping can actually be fun.  It can also be a nightmare.  There are some summers where the ever-increasing number of wedding invitations arriving in your mailbox, can cause enough stress to make you actually consider calling into life, sick, and disappearing without a trace, until November.  I mean surely they’ll all be over by then. [Don’t pretend you’ve not thought about it.]  We just can’t do that.

Most people think that if they wear something once, they can never wear it again.  Who are you and where did this thought process come from?  Yeah, yeah.  I don’t want to wear the same outfit to 17 different weddings this summer [and be photographed in it repeatedly], but I don’t buy something simply to wear it once and never ever again.  I will wear the same thing that I wore to a wedding, to the grocery store, if need be.  And you don’t need to shop at a super classy grocery store [if such a thing exists], you just need to know how to do it.  Anyways, here’s one dress you can grab, wear to a wedding, and then go ahead and wear it again this summer.  To a barbecue or something.  I dare you.

If you missed part 1 or part 2, be sure to check those out too!

Wedding-Season-B3 Wedding-Season-B2 Wedding-Season-B6

This dress though!  A printed shift dress with sleeves — quite a switch for a wedding outfit and we love it.  Be comfortable and still chic in this lovely frock.  Throw on some camel-colored mules [never had I heard of such a thing, till I found them while binge shopping online and now I’m in love] and some pretty earrings.  Megan forced the earrings upon me [I only wear studs] and I’m definitely not regretting it with this outfit.  It keeps it classy and simple.

Wedding-Season-B4 Wedding-Season-6 Wedding-Season-B1

Then, after you’ve hidden it from eyesight in the back of your closet for a few weeks, pull it out again and turn it into weekend wear, with your favorite jeans, a floppy hat, and simple sandals.

It’s fun to wear the same thing in multiple ways, I promise.  PS – I am quite obviously still rocking my pale pride and I’m more than okay with it.  Especially since I tried to smile more in this outfit – back in part 2, I was looking a little mean.

Love, Heather.

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