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This shirt arrived in store last week.  I had to have it.  I steamed it and wore it that night.  I love it that much.  I was going to a family party and my family isn’t always as fashion forward as I am.  Even if that means wearing ripped jeans, which have been in style for too many years to count now (don’t tell them I said so).  Now, I’m not the type to care what anyone thinks of me or what I’m wearing, but I always anticipate all the mean things one could say about my outfit, just to be able to come back with a witty quip before they have the chance to think they’ve won.  If you’re about to say anything about how long the back is or how high the sides are on this shirt, just get over it.  No, I did not grow a tail, and no, no one took shears to the sides.  This is the way things go.  It’s called a high-low top.  If you hate it, don’t wear it.  If you’re curious, come try it on.  You don’t know; you just may love it.  And as Megan has said, high waist jeans are the best.  Simply because it’s the only acceptable way to wear mom jeans.  Moral of the story: don’t be mean.

Now onto the outfit.  I wore it a little differently that night, but here I paired it with a light wash pair of high waist jeans!  To complete the outfit, a warm summer tone, like camel, is a great choice in shoes.  Mules — a weird name for something you wear on your feet, but they’re my new favorites!  I also brought along this bright straw tote, for a pop of summery color.  I’m with Victoria when it comes to neutrals — they’re the most classic, in my book.  I’m also pretty positive that summer whites are going to be a hit this season, so be sure to snag this top before it’s gone.

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top | Trend Addictions
jeans | Gap, similar
shoes | J. Crew, similar
bracelet | Alex and Ani
tote | Tommy Bahama, gift

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