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I often get asked about my makeup and hair routine at the shop. I thought it would be helpful to do a post on it and show people exactly what I use, with what brushes and so on.

The first part on this series is my makeup (since that is the most asked). First off, I am obsessed with Sephora. Makeup is one of the things that I do splurge on. I truly believe with makeup, you get what you pay for. That, and jeans.

I know it seems like a lot, but it’s really not. I’ve been doing the same thing for so long now, that it’s just routine and doesn’t take long. Note: You can click on the picture to view it bigger, and these are in the order I use them in.

style everyday | daily routine (part 1)

1 // tarte | brazilliance skin rejuvenating maracuja self tanner with cetaphil moisturizer

I mix this self tanner with my moisturizer and it gives me just the right amount of tint without going overboard. I use it everyday, and it smells good too!

2 // smashbox | photo finish color correcting foundation primer

I have self diagnosed rosacea. When I don’t have any makeup on, I tend to hear “your face is really red.” This calms it right down and it’s very light, so no grease added.

3 // maybelline | color corrector stick

I have been blessed with dark circles underneath my eyes. My mother has them, I’m sure my kids will have them. I have tried everything under the sun to get rid of them, and now have to accept the fact that they aren’t leaving. This color corrector stick does the trick to get rid of them for sure.

4 // tarte | amazonian clay full coverage airbrush foundation (in light medium neutral) with sephora | pro buffing brush #62

I’ve never been a big fan of liquid foundation. I have big pores and oily skin — add liquid and it’s just a mess. I found this foundation shortly after it was released and I have loved it ever since. Note: When I was in Sephora, they gave me a color match test to find which one worked. I bought the one it said I should have and the one I thought I should have. Go with your instincts, I ended up returning the one it thought I should have.

5 // anastasia beverly hills | brow powder duo with brush #12

When I was younger, I went for the “barely any eyebrows” look. Boy did I think I was cool. I constantly plucked them and I am now forever ruined because of it. I have to paint my eyebrows on every single day. I have thought about tattooing them on, but I am afraid that I will want to change the shape of them in the future. The Anastasia line from Sephora is the best I have ever encountered.

6 // urban decay | naked3 palette with sephora | pro crease brush #10

Every girl must have this palette. Literally. If you don’t have at least one of the naked palettes, go buy one. Your eyelids will thank you. I always use a lighter shade on the lid and a darker shade on the outer crease.

7 // benefit | BADgal liner waterproof

I have tried my share of waterproof eyeliners and this one seems to do the trick the best. I’ve used this for years and still love it to this day.

8 // benefit | roller lash

This was something I got in my popsugar musthave box and I couldn’t have been more pleasantly surprised with it.

9 // bareMinerals | all-over face color (in warmth) with sephora | pro allover brush #61

I bought this a couple of years ago and absolutely love it. I put it just on my cheekbones and the color is perfect. Note: A little bit goes a long way with this.

10 // tarte | amazonian clay 12-hour blush (in true love) with sephora | pro allover brush #61

I alternate this and the bare minerals because I never know what looks better on that day. I got this in my popugar musthave box and I absolutely love it. Of course, I love anything Tarte.

11 // benefit | hello flawless SPF 15 (in honey) with sonia kashuk | buffing brush #130

This stuff is ah-mazing. It literally makes you look flawless. I am on my second one and I can’t get enough. When I run out of my foundation, I use this in its place.

12 // fresh | sugar lip treatment (in untinted)

This stuff is so good that the husband and my girls use it. I usually have 2, one in my bag and one at home. Your lips will love you.

So, there it is. If you have been looking for the right “something” to use, try one of these. The best part of Sephora, you can always return it if you aren’t happy. That’s how I came to find my best makeup pieces.

Love, Megan.

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