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So, funny I should name this post what I did. We always take our pictures way in advance before our actual posts go up, mainly because we already have blogs scheduled a couple weeks in advance. I wore this outfit a couple weeks ago and felt great in it.

Today, not so much.

Today is one of those days where you just want to crawl back into bed and not get out until dinner. And dinner should be pizza. Like, a whole one.

As I’m continuing my day, I do my normal routine of stalking everyone on Instagram — and I run across a bunch of photos with the hashtag ‘#standwithjetta’ all over them. Have you seen this? This little 10 year old girl donated 14 inches of her hair to make wigs for little girls with cancer. SHE WAS DOING A GOOD THING. She has short hair now. A pixie cut. She looks absolutely adorable, and is getting BULLIED for it.

This makes me sick. It makes me sad. And then I think back to my day. And how I was feeling down. And then I think about this 10 year old girl taking a stand against bullying while giving little girls with cancer with a new do’ to wear. And then I’m happier.

Life really is black + white. Easy + hard. Nice + mean. All of the above.

I’ll stand with you Jetta. Rock that pixie, and put a little color in this black + white world.

style everyday | black + white_MG_2439style everyday | black + whitestyle everyday | black + whitePants | Tee | Jacket

Head on over to her Facebook page to check out more about this amazing little creature named Jetta <3

Love, Megan.

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