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Lesson of the week: “don’t believe everything you read.”   I’ve read a lot about wearing black on black, and everything says that you have to dress it up, you have to mix materials, you have to wear chunky statement jewelry, and so on.  While I think that’s all great advice, & I’ll definitely be using some of those tips, I just was not feeling any of it the day I donned this outfit.  Sometimes I like to be boring.  Sometimes I like to be lazy.  And sometimes I just don’t feel like getting dressed.  Those are the feelings out of which this outfit was born.

style everyday | black on black

I saw this oversized sweatshirt & had to have it.  Since it’s baggy & boxy, I would never pair it with loose-fitting pants, so leggings it was.  I also snagged these boots that I thought would tie into the “lazy look” I was going for.  Or not going for, since I really just did not want to be awake.  At all.


As for the hair, that was also a quick fix for my lazy day.  My 30-second do, received several compliments, which is always great when you’re being a slacker.  It’s a kantha headband, with my hair looped through the sides and back.  That’s it.  Really.

style everyday | black on black

sweatshirt | boots | leggings & kantha headband [previously at trend addictions.]

This one is for all of you who don’t always like to look like sunshine & rainbows and who don’t always feel like getting dressed in the morning.

Love, Heather.


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