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I’m hooked on not having to give up my spring and summer wardrobe.  Actually, I keep buying more.  The stores are cleaning out their warm weather lovelies, while my closet is inheriting them all.  The season changes may, in fact, be the most tempting times of the year for me.

Anyways, this sleeveless linen top was only $3.97 at Old Navy, so why not?  Plus, I needed it — I’ve been really into muted tones lately.  I grabbed this necklace [and wore some nude heels with a lime wedge, which was sadly not captured on camera, but sneak a peek over here] to keep just a touch of color in my life. Especially when everything around me is dying.  Because of winter that is.  Okay, dying is harsh.  Everything is turning grey.

style everyday | touch of color _MG_2628 _MG_2608 _MG_2623 _MG_2610

PS — I’m proud of myself for this ensemble.  1 – I have yet to wear this necklace. Until now.  2 – I never wear heels.  Until now.  3 – That dramatic half tuck though.  Sometimes I need to be forcibly removed from my comfort zone.  No biggie.

Love, Heather.



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  • Julia DeAngelis

    That dramatic half tuck…I need to learn how to master it myself! I relate to this post so much because I have a necklace EXACTLY like that that I can’t seem to find enough outfits for. Being a necklace freak myself and having way too many, I always revert back to the same ones! I also haven’t been able to catch onto being a heel person…Time for me to expand horizons as well, lol!
    I just wanted to tell you ladies that I am always reading your blog and I get so much inspiration from it! From the printables to the picks of the week; I can’t get enough! Can you open up a store in NYC so I can join your team? Wishing you all the best and continued success!

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