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In my personal opinion, there is something phenomenal about shopping local.  I won’t pretend that I never shop online.  My Instagram posts would be a dead giveaway.  However, being able to walk down the street, stop to grab a coffee (from the cutest coffee shop), find a gift for a friend (at one of the locally-owned jewelry stores), a fantastic pair of shoes (at the shoe store that always boasts a friendly face), or a cute new dress (at Trend, obviously), all while supporting the people that make our community so wonderful, is just irreplaceable to me.

Lucky for me, I live in two places that make shopping local a total joy.  Market Street has some adorable shops as well, and Glamour & Glow is to thank for a majority of this look.  It’s no secret that fall is the best time to catch me.  I’m less sweaty, less grumpy, and far cuter in the fall, than I ever am in the summer.  If you’re looking for fall staples, I recommend checking out their online boutique.  Hey, what do you have to lose?  Plus, you’re supporting an awesome locally-owned shop.

Stay tuned.  I’m on a one-woman mission to make shopping local the “cool” thing to do.  Again.

Love, Heather.

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