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Let’s be real. I never finish anything that has to do with dieting. I try, and 1 and 1/2 days later I’m done. The last time I tried an exercise program, I lasted 4 days. I was pumped.

I’m an awful eater. I love fast food. I love quick eating. I love bread. But I also love vegetables. So, there is some sort of ‘good eating’ bug inside me. My mom tells me that I used to ask for a can of peas before bed when I was a kid. I could probably still eat that. No one said I was normal.

All those years you look back on, wishing you would have saved more money, drank less in college, stopped paying rent and just bought a house, ate better — it’s funny how you wish you could talk to your younger self and tell them everything you know now.

Dear 20 year old self,

Take care of yourself. Stop acting like you’re cool and can eat anything you want. It WILL catch up with you. And WHEN it does, you’re not going to be happy. I promise. Listen to the things those so called ‘older folks’ are telling you, and take care of yourself. And stop spending so much damn money. Whatever you’re buying is going to be in next years garage sale anyway for WAY less than you spent on it. Put that money away.

I was never good with money. Ever. Ask my mom, but be prepared to get silence in return. We’ve learned through the years not to talk about the absolute hell I put her through. Which brings me to, why I’m scared as hell to raise 2 girls that have my genes. Good thing it’s always skipped a generation…

Filing bankruptcy at 23 isn’t actually something I like to brag about. But it happened. And I learned from it. My children will never have credit cards. Until they’re 80. They will learn to save, they will learn that they don’t need everything they see. Let’s be honest though, the saving part they will learn from the husband. I don’t dare touch that conversation. They will however learn that they don’t need the best of the best, from me. I did the Louis Vuitton once. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate good quality things, but if you’re just buying it because your friends have it, walk away.

Dear 30 year old self,

Just because you hit 30 and you’re still the same size you always have been, doesn’t mean you’ve dodged a bullet. That bullet is still heading fast for you. Real fast, so watch out and take care of yourself. And for the love of god, you don’t need all those shoes! Stop spending and put that money away.

Ok, I probably still have half of those shoes to this day. But they sit in a bin because I swear I’m going to wear them again. It’s like those jeans that every girl has in their closet waiting to get back into them one day. I don’t have the jeans, but I have the shoes! One day, I’ll be able to wear heels again. However, my feet say otherwise. But they’re not leaving that bin…

Dear 33 year old current self,

I told you so! Now that your pants don’t fit and your body is ‘shifting’ — now you want to all of a sudden take care of yourself. You damn moron. It doesn’t work that way. Now you think that you can erase time with some creams and call it good. Not going to happen! You can’t erase time, and you can’t stop it either. It’s going to happen. So choose wisely on how you deal with it from now on. Especially with young kids. Teach them early on to take care of themselves.

I’m horrible with eating and I’m horrible with money. However, I have motivation and I’m very organized. So, my New Year’s resolution is to stick with it. Because I never do, and I need to. I need to do it for myself and my family. You can be a great mom, but you also need balance, so take care of yourself.

This is the first of my ‘project: stick with it’ series, so join me on the blog, or join me on my journey and do it for yourself. I will be talking about yoga + meditation, eating better and money managing.

Yes, the words ‘money managing’ came from me.

Love, Megan.

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