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Have you missed the blog? Me too. But, I’ve been a little preoccupied. Since this whole thing is a “let’s be real” type thing… let’s get real.

I had a little bit of a breakdown, or as my Psychologist calls it, a crash. But don’t worry, I still have pink hair. I’m not going to go into the lengths of where my head was, or how I was feeling, because sometimes we need a little bit of privacy. Just know that — I’m in a better place now. My mom, being my mom, said to me “I wouldn’t tell many people about this.” And, although I love her for trying to protect me, too many people are hiding how they feel. Unfortunately, in today’s society, people assume too quickly and too loudly. Everyone talks to everyone, and talks about everyone. It’s going to happen. So, I’m choosing to talk about it this way. On my blog. Up close and personal. So you hear it from me. So that, if I help 1 person get help, I’ve done if for a good reason.

Sometimes we need help.
Sometimes we don’t seek help.
Sometimes it’s hard to admit to others that we need help.
Sometimes it’s hard to admit to ourselves that we need help.
But, we do need help.


Depression and anxiety suck. Chemical imbalances suck. Period. I have nothing to be sad about. But sometimes I get sad. Sometimes I get really sad. Note: For the person reading this that are going to say that people with these kind of problems are just plain crazy, you’re not the type of reader I want. So, Bye.

I’ve learned that there are 3 types of people in the world.

1 | The one that has it together, or seems to.
2 | The one that wishes they had it together, but don’t.
3 | The one that is so far from having it together, they need their own Lifetime movie.

The secret to these people?

1 | The one who gets help.
2 | The one who has already told themselves they need help, but hasn’t told anyone else.
3 | The one who needs help.

Now, let’s talk about what I mean by help. Because by saying help, I don’t always mean medicine. Sure, that’s a form of help, but not the only type. For a long time, I thought Burger King was the answer. Speaking of, I’ve cheated a couple of times on my ‘no fast food’ vow. Don’t judge.

The definition of help is the action of helping someone to do something; assistance and used as an appeal for urgent assistance. There are many forms of getting help. Just merely talking to someone is the best form of medicine out there. I’m one of those people who believes that everyone needs a therapist. There’s something about the way you feel after talking to someone who is completely unbiased from any situation going on in your life. I’m personally on anti-anxiety medicine, and recently upped it. Unfortunately, I come from a long family history of depression and anxiety. It sucks. I have seen my own family members go through things that no one should have to go through. I don’t want to head in that direction. In fact, I don’t want to be anywhere near it. So, I get help. I medicate, and I talk to someone.


When I finally talked to someone about what was going on, I felt a sense of relief. Like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Note: If you think you need meds, or your doctor has already prescribed something for you, I HIGHLY recommend seeing someone who specializes in medication consultations. You tell them how you feel, and they give you a recommended medication that would be a good fit for you. When I did this, I was put on the correct drugs to help with how I was feeling. You know that feeling when you finally can let down the stress you’ve been carrying? I finally felt that. I finally felt like me again.


Are you a statistics person? I am. I freaking love research. How about this? According to, depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide, and is a major contributor to the global burden of disease. Most of these adults could have gotten help when they were younger. 1 in 5 children ages 13-18 will have a serious mental illness. 60% of adults with a mental illness didn’t receive mental health services in 2015. That to me, is crazy. No pun intended.

Talk to your doctor, talk to your school, talk to your best friend or talk to your parents. Just, talk to someone.


Sometimes you just need to talk, and sometimes you just need pink hair. And sometimes you need to prioritize where you want to be in your life. I want to be happy, by making people happy. Find your happy.

Love, Megan.

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  • Tennille

    I am extremely proud of you for sharing. Everyone struggles with their own ‘demons’ what ever they may be. Some are worse than others but they still effect us in some way. I have learned to surround myself with positive people and situations. For me seeking out that ‘help’ was vital to having happiness and love. Love you Meg!

  • Val

    Thank you for sharing Megan. You are amazing. We never know the burdens that others carry, thank you for making it easier to share in that! Rock on girl!

  • Jen

    I just found your site this morning… I know I do not know you but I still want to thank you. You are amazing, your site is amazing and don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise. Embrace being you!

  • Thank you for sharing this Megan, you are such an inspiration and this did me so much good to read this..again thank you for sharing.

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