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This past week, I decided to clean out the closet that basically contains our life. Papers, birth certificates, cards, files — you name it, it’s in there. In the midst of all of this stuff, was a huge bin of craft supplies. This bin contained everything from puffy balls to beads to a gazillion stickers. I stopped and realized, this is from Maddie’s 3rd birthday party. SHE’S 7 NOW! Holy, i’m a bad mom. We had never taken the time to use this stuff ever again. Monster High Dolls and Lalaloopsies have gotten in the way of this fun stuff. The fun stuff I used to do as a kid — the fun stuff Maddie’s kids will do. We need to stop with all the toys the world is clogging us up with… and just paint.


I got out a big plastic table cloth (you can get them for $1 at the dollar store) to cover the table with. Pulled out all the paints and brushes, and little canvases I bought for Maddie’s 5th birthday party. (Again, i’m a bad mom). She and Hazel (who’s almost 2) were little Picasso’s the-entire-day. Literally. In fact, when it was time for bed — we had to pull Hazel away from her spot at the table, crying. This is the same girl who hoards crayons on a daily basis. She’s obsessed with art. It’s actually very cute, the way she gets so focused.




What have you painted lately?

Happy Painting!

Love, Megan.

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