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We had a lovely girl — Brittney — send us some Jamberry samples.  Of course, I would jump right on this train.  Nail painting is one of my favorite pastimes, but I can never figure out how to do half the things I want to.  I tried out her Jamberry picks and fell in love!  They are quick, simple, and lovely!  They lasted me about a week and a half each time I did them, but keep in mind that I work with four-year olds all day, and when I’m not, I’m ripping through clothing boxes, handling money, and really putting some wear and tear on my mani — no matter how pretty.  I will definitely be ordering a few sheets!  Check out her Jamberry site and maybe try a sheet or two for yourself.  Thanks, Brittney!

play everyday | jamberry nail nation

Love, Heather.


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