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Owning my own business has it’s perks and downfalls. I suffer from technology overload. It’s one of the downfalls from being on the east coast and ordering from the west coast. When i’m sitting down to dinner with my family, my vendors are calling me for shipping approvals. It’s very hard to find time to actually get down and play with my kids. I’m sure many parents can relate when it comes to finding the time to have fun with your family. I’m going to start my new years resolution (in april) and commit hard playtime everyday with my kids. I’m talking — tech free, people free, cleaning the house free, laundry free, tv free — time.


This week, i’m taking it back to my roots and playing with the old school game pad. This game pad has games such as tic tac toe and hangman. My oldest daughter LOVES these sort of games. It’s perfect for road trips or rainy days. Want your own? Get it here!




Happy Playing!

Love, Megan.


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  • Brenda Hays

    What a fantastic idea!! I just recently purchased some similar items for my own children for us to do together and to get us all off of the internet. I found some old time ‘shrink-e-dinks’ type materials to do, and then some oragami paper folding kits. It does get to be a real effort, to get them doing things together and not in front of the tv or computer! Are these for sale in your store?

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