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My oldest daughter begs me to get a cat all of the time. Unfortunately, I am allergic to cats.

Funny story —  when she was around 2 years old, she told my mom she wanted a kitty. My mom’s response was “you can’t honey, because mommy’s allergic.” She turned around to my grandmother and said “I can’t have a kitty, because my mommy’s a jerk.” Get it? Allergic, a jerk.

Anyway, I try to get her as many ‘kitty’ things as possible. I just bought her these adorable pillow shams for her room makeover. She loves to build things with my husband all the time. The other day he asked her what she wanted to build.

Ya know what she said? Yep. You guested it. A darn cat.

Well, my husband being the kind of guy he is — helped her build one. And a cute one it was. Here’s the DIY tutorial on how to build a wooden kitty… just in case you’re a jerk too.

DIY | A Wooden Kitty

STEP 1 // Make your plans, figure out what you need.

DIY | A Wooden Kitty

STEP 2 // Measure everything according to how big you want it, and cut everything. We had to cut the tail and neck at an angle so they were raised. We also cut 4 small pieces to go under the casters to hold them on.

DIY | A Wooden Kitty DIY | A Wooden Kitty

STEP 3 // Put everything together to see how it will look. Use a jigsaw to cut the head out.

DIY | A Wooden Kitty

DIY | A Wooden Kitty

STEP 4 // Assemble the legs onto the body, the casters onto the feet and the head on to the neck. Then attach the head to the body. You then need to glue ears on the top and you are done! Tie a rope around it’s neck and take it for a walk.

DIY | A Wooden Kitty

DIY | A Wooden Kitty

DIY | A Wooden Kitty

DIY | A Wooden Kitty

I admit, I thought this was going to be kind of — dumb weird. But when it was finally finished. It was pretty adorable. I love the picture of my girls ‘petting’ the kitty.

Would your kids like to build something like this? Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

Love, Megan.

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