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Gifting — this can be one of the most dreaded things, by some.  I absolutely love it.  This past week, I had a baby shower gift to get ready, & get sent out!  However, I’m really bad at sticking to a registry & I happen to be incredibly partial to our children’s lines we carry in the store.  I’m also the bookworm that thinks all kids should be gifted books from the day they’re born, so here goes – my favorite baby shower gift!

create everyday | baby shower gifting

Start with one of these adorable pieces from the 3 Sprouts line!  I used the Peacock Storage Box, but whether using the caddy, storage box, storage bin, or hamper, their vibrant colors, sweet characters, & organization-factor, is sure to make them a hit with the parents-to-be!

create everyday | baby shower gifting

Now you need to pick a theme!  If you’re not sticking to the registry & you aren’t buying a big gift, chances are you’re going to buy several smaller things — just make sure that they complement one another.  Mine is almost always bath-time & bedtime because it’s when everyone settles down for the night (hopefully) & the books come out!

create everyday | baby shower gifting

Fill it up!  I snagged a couple of things from our store that I absolutely love — Duncks Toys, by SkipHop, & a cozy Hooded Towel, by 3 Sprouts!  Of course you have to have wash, lotion, diapers, the works, so I grabbed the essentials while I was out & about one day.  I also added in The Going to Bed Book, by Sandra Bounton, for a little bedtime story!

create everyday | baby shower gifting

Voila!  A complete package, ready for its send-off, to our dear friends who are anxiously awaiting the arrival of their very first little one!

Love, Heather.

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