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Well, I wrote this blog once and it was lovely.  At least I thought it was.  My computer decided to install some updates, without permission, however, and forgot to save it.  Yes, I’m blaming it on the computer.  So, here we go again…

Most people are shocked to hear that I often drive an hour to get to work.  While half of my week is spent in the Wellsville area, the other half is spent in quaint Corning, NY.  We have an apartment on the cutest of streets — Market Street.  We love it here and we seriously love to eat, so I’m going to take you through a few of our favorite foodie spots, and maybe you can put Corning on your list of places to visit.


Why not start with what I’m eating right now for dinner?  Atlas is my favorite pizza place on Market Street!  Don’t get me wrong; we have three pretty killer pizza places, all within walking distance, but this one is right across the street and happens to be my go-to.  Casey likes Rico’s and Aniello’s, so they get honorable mentions here too!  However, if you like a little customization, this is the place to go.  They let you make your own pizzas, right down to the crust.  The best — wheat crust, sweet chili sauce, no cheese, pineapples, green peppers, and onions.  I know, weird.  The “no cheese” throws them off too, but they make it for me every time, with only minimal teasing.

personal files | eating our way through corning


The best date night place I’ve ever been to.  In fact, we’ve been there so many times that it’s more like an extension of our kitchen at this point.  We absolutely love it here.  They serve late, which is typically what we need, since Casey someone is never ready before 9pm.  They serve the best wines and cocktails around.  Casey is fond of the Sazerac, at dinner, while I prefer their horseradish bloody Mary, with brunch.  (Side note: They don’t always do brunch, but when they do, they rock it.)  But the thing I love the most about The Cellar is their take on vegan dishes.  If you didn’t guess from the “no cheese,” I tend to shy away from dairy and meat.  Now, no one likes to have to order a salad because someone can’t make a hearty meal without meat or cheese, but fear not, vegan and vegetarian friends, the chef at The Cellar whips up some phenomenal meals that are completely vegan.  The tofu paella was my “it” meal, but it’s gone now, so I’ll have to report back with my new fave.  Plus, they have a vegan cheese board.  Whoop, whoop!

personal files | eating our way through corning


Oh my, we can’t stay away.  If we had to choose a favorite bar on Market Street, it’d be this place.  If we had to choose a favorite bar in Western New York, it’d be this place.  I must admit, when Hand + Foot first entered the scene, I was wary.  Who in the world opens a bar/restaurant and then makes everyone share a community table?  Well, Hand + Foot does, and it’s stellar.  From their locally sourced foods, to their amazing spirits menu, to the artful, and very thoughtful decor, right down to the homemade pickles, this place has it all.  Every town needs a place like this.

personal files | eating our way through corning


Now, now, we can’t forget about dessert.  This ice cream shop is locally-owned and the ice cream is all homemade!  Dippity Do Dahs truly has the tastiest ice creams.  Need to lay off the dairy a bit?  No problem, they also have select soy flavors for us sensitive types.  I dig the soy hazelnut.  Plus, I get a rewards card, kind of like my coffee card — I’ll take it!

personal files | eating our way through corning


Once you’re done binging on all that deliciousness I just told you about, you can stop at The Source, for a dose of good-for-you-foods!  I’ve not eaten an actual meal here, but I hear it’s as amazing as their juices.  Now, I’m a fan of juicing, in moderation, and I love eating healthy, but there’s just something about someone else juicing for you that makes it taste so much more wonderful.  If you’ve ever cleaned a juicer, you know what I’m talking about.  Take it from me, the Pip’s Boutique juice is the best.  Try it.  I dare you.

personal files | eating our way through corning

I can’t pretend like these are the only places we eat.  If these aren’t quite your forte, you could also try some of our other favorites like, The Gaffer, Holmes Plate 54 (sweet potato fries, honey, and a hard cider?  yes, please!), Market Street Brewing Co. (the MSBC chips are a must-try), Little Boomers’ Burrito Bar, and of course, Sorges (the best spaghetti ever; hands down)!

Love, Heather.  And Casey.

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